Renting the Good Life -- Riverside

Three components make The Oregon Cliff House a truly luxurious retreat: location, supplies, and final touches.

The location, along the McKenzie River, is simply one that can't be beat. The owner has obviously gone to great lengths to highlight this feature, with a deck overlooking the river and steps leading down to the banks of the river. It is in these shallower waters that my companions and I tied our rafts and enjoyed the sunshine and cool waters. The property also has ample room for outdoor games without feeling cramped (in fact there is a wiffle ball field!).

With this house comes a welcome sense of seclusion from the outside world, which is rarely felt in everyday life; however, conveniences of shopping and dining are actually not far at all -- particularly the Vida Cafe and its Monster Burger.

The house is well stocked with any supply you would need for a great vacation, including games, music, books, basic and special cooking utensils, well-functioning appliances throughout the home, and several grills. We took full advantage of all these features!

But really, what sets this house apart is the final touches. The bathroom has a shower that I didn't want to get out of (I felt like I was in a grotto), a fishing basket for use, beautiful granite throughout the home, interesting books, incredibly comfortable beds, and plenty of space.

These amenities go above and beyond, but the basics of a good vacation home were present as well: the property was clean, safe, updated, and well cared for.

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