Heaven with a view

I stayed at the Oregon Cliff House as a gift to myself. I needed some rejuvenation, and this was it! As soon as I stepped into the foyer, I knew there was something magnificent about this place. The attention to detail was perfect. I felt the love given and knew anyone who stayed here would feel it too. Perusing the grounds offered an even bigger impact. The pathway down to the river provided a lovely view, and sitting at river's edge brought the healing I needed. I felt connected to the earth and knew I had missed out by staying inside for so long of my life. I just needed a place like this to draw me out and show me how beautiful nature really is. I felt safely ensconced in the entire area, just the way the owners meant it to be. The house feels luxurious and modern in some ways, and yet rustic in others. Balance is important, and that is achieved here. My favorite part of all is the tree overlooking the kitchen and first bedroom. I called it the Hand-to-God tree because to me it looked like someone raising their hand to God in gratitude. That's how I felt when I was at the Oregon Cliff House. I'm willing to bet you will too.

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